Celebrate a 100 Years of The Republic of Estonia with Estonian Cuisine.

February 24 is a public holiday in Estonia and in 2018 Estonia celebrates 100 years of freedom.
Celebrate with us and like Estonian 🙂
At sunrise, 7:33 in the morning take place the flag-hoisting ceremony in a Toompea castle, along with singing the Estonian National Anthem.

Vürtsikiluvõileib, Spiced Baltic Sprats sandwich with boiled egg

As the winter mornings can be quite cold, it’s a good idea to enjoy warm peppermint or raspberry stems tea with some kiluvõileib (salted sprat sandwich with boiled egg). For making sandwich You need Estonian black rye bread
The Baltic sprat (Sprattus sprattus balticus) is a subspecies of the European sprat (Sprattus sprattus), also known  as brisling or skipper. They are up to 12,5 cm long (about 5 inches), small, silvery and herring-like. The sprats are commonly marinated in a mixture of black pepper, allspice (aka Jamaican pepper), cloves, nutmeg, coriander seeds, bay leaves, salt and sugar etc. The result: spiced Baltic sprats aka vürtsikilud, a famous Estonian delicacy.
Vürtsikilu võileib[/caption]


For dessert eat Estonian Kohuke. Or mix some Kama.

kama uus1 (18)
Estonian Kama
Estonian kohuke











Later will take place the parades by the Estonia Defence Forces  and the President, Kersti Kaljulaid, will be there.

Now you have the time to have a true national lunch. MustBe is some pork.  From my blog you can find Pork Tenderloin with Rhubarb and Horseradish, Roasted Pork with Sauerkraut, Pork with Onions and Cowberry.
Serve pork with mushroom sauce and boiled potatoes.

seenekaste (4)
Estonian Kukeseenekaste

For dessert I suggest Mannavaht or Roosamanna, Semolina Cream

Estonian Mannavaht and Roosamanna

Many Estonians will be glued to the TV on Independence Day. The parade, the reception and a concert that precedes the reception are broadcast live on television. This coverage includes a speech by the President. The reception line, where the President and their spouse shake hands with attendees is ironically called the “Penguin Parade”. For this time you should prepare ” cold table”, appetizers and desserts.

There are no the Estonian party without Potato Salad. You should prepare Estonian Potato Salad

kartulisalat (3)
Estonian Kartulisalat, Potato Salad

or Kasukas.

Estonian Kasukas

Filled eggs, liver pate and salted/marinated or fermented cucumbers.  And maybe some Estonian Meatballs.

Estonian Kotlet

For dessert you need some cake. I suggest quark cake. Remind, quark is not cream cheese. Quark has a low-fat, high protein and specific taste. You can prepare quark by yourself to get the best result.
Janne kohupiimakook, Quark Cake by Janne

janne kohupkook (1)
Estonian Quark Cake by Janne

or  Estonian Quark and Rhubarb Pie by Terhi.

Estonian Pidusai by Terhi

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