Barley and Cheese Salad. Kruubi- ja juustusalat

barleysalad (6)Simple everyday salad.One more delicious option to use boiled barley groats.

For me, barley, thyme and cheese is the best combination.

Flavours complement each other. Ham is just in addition to getting more nutritious meal.
barleysalad (9)
For decoration I used capsicum, but depending on season add some tomatoes, apples or cucumber.
barleysalad (8)
Mix together:
boiled barley
grated cheese
ham or smoked pork slices
a lot of greens

for sauce
mix together mayonnaise
sour cream
salt and pepperbarleysalad (3)


6 thoughts on “Barley and Cheese Salad. Kruubi- ja juustusalat

  1. How delightful; ! Love barley but do not think I have ever used it in a salad ! And yet with daily temperatures over 30 C for the next few months it is the salad season ! I shall most certainly try perchance with small cheese cubes rather than grated cheese and a sour cream/yoghurt dressing as I do not use mayonnaise . . . do hope you are well and able to look forwards to as normal a Christmas as possible . . .

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      1. It truly is lovely between about 26 C and about 34 C = past that one begins to look for shade and the next cool drink !!! Actually 4 C is not too bad . . . we have that or slightly below for about 2 months in winter – well, at 6 am . . . and I am asleep then 🙂 !! Lowest day temperatures are around 16 – 18 C and we all complain !!!!!!! big hug . . .

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