Estonian Secret. Kama. Estonian “muesli”

kama uus1 (18)
Estonian Kama

Today I will share the recipe, which you probably will never do. The Kama.
Kama is Estonian traditional finely milled flour mixture. Estonians buying Kama mixture from shop.. and the easiest way is to try this, probably visit Estonia. But I still give you the recipe.

Historically kama was a non-perishable, easy-to-carry food that could be quickly fashioned into a stomach-filling snack by rolling it into butter or lard; it didn’t require baking, as it was already roasted. Today Kama is a perfect summer dish. Just add some fresh or fermented milk and sugar or salt, mix, and ready!
Today Kama is used for making cakes, mousse, desserts and salty snacks…

And what is interesting. In Estonian Kama means in slang “stuff, things” and the same time Kama means ” drugs”…:)

Kama is Estonian traditional finely milled flour mixture.

Kama is perfect summer dish. Just add some fresh or fermented milk and sugar or salt, mix, and ready!

kama uus 1(19)
Estonian Kama.


  • 2 kg rye grains
  • 2 kg wheat grains
  • 3 kg of oats grains
  • 1-2 kg of yellow peas
  • 1 kg of barley grains
  • 0,5-1 kg of beans
  • one of a handful of salt

kama uus 1(21)
the Estonian Kama.



  1. Put in a previous day all grains sort separately to soak into the cold water
  2. Next day boil with a little bit of salt, while grains are soft
  3. Drain, and put into the hot oven to dry. In the beginning, keep the oven door open, later you can close it
  4. Time to time mix grain. Dry, while grains are totally dry.
  5. Dried grains mix together and ground very finely.
  6. Ready Kama  mix keep into the lid covered bowl
  7. Serve: 1 tablespoon Kama, add one glass of fresh or sour milk. Season with salt to get a savoury dish or with sugar for dessert.

Source: 1931 ” Eesti Naine”

kama uus 1(20)
Estonian Kama.

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7 thoughts on “Estonian Secret. Kama. Estonian “muesli”

  1. Hi there. I’ve nominated you for ‘The Fabulous Chef and Cuisines Award’.Just check this link out— you like it.


  2. I have never heard of Kama and I love the way you can make it sweet or savory! thank you for bringing this to Fiesta Friday to share with us! I love to learn new things 🙂


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