Braised turnips with cranberry sauce. Stoovitud kaalikad jõhvikakastmega

turnipstew (5)Sweet and sour braised turnips can be served as a side dish with some meat or main dish.

I do not know. Does it is international that children just do not like some food? Like blue cheese and olives? ( or children who grow up in the Mediterranean are fond of olives??)turnipstew (11)

When I was a child I hated braised and boiled carrots and turnips. And, blue cheese and olives, of course 🙂
Now I am grown up and I can say that there is nothing better than braised turnips.

Sweet of turnips are balanced with cranberry acid. And this is the perfect side dish. This time I served it with grilled cheese.turnipstew (9)
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Crunchy Marzipan and Bilberry Cake. Marjakook martsipaniga

marzipancake (28)Amazing berry cake with crispy bottom and top and juicy filling. Marzipan is very sweet and tartness of berries balancing and complements the light sweet almond taste of the marzipan.
Marzipan is one of the oldest sweets made in Estonia, and it was first used as a medicine as it was thought it has healing properties and was sold in the Town Hall Pharmacy of Tallinn. As the legend has it, the sweet was invented by a man who worked at the pharmacy. However, the city of Lübeck in Germany also claims to have invented the treat.

martsipan (3)

The word “marzipan” is derived from German Marzipan or Italian marzapane, most likely after St. Marcus; the Estonian name is martsipan. This product is an elastic paste made of grated, powdered almonds and powdered sugar. Read more about marzipan

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Hot Mushroom Salad. Soe seenesalat

seenesalat (1)One thing I love in autumn is chestnut eggs. In Estonia grows only chestnut – Aesculus, which eggs are not eatable.
When I was a child we had a competition at school. Who can collect more chestnut eggs and acorns for wild boars? Besides we needed chestnut eggs to make toys. Just some matches, awl and lot of chestnut eggs and acorns.

Why I am writing about this? Because of one more reason to love chestnut eggs. Chestnut egg brings to you good luck.  Every year, each autumn I find some smooth and shiny chestnut egg and put it in my pocket.
I wish you the best and send to you good luck! 🙂kastan (2)

following this recipe, you can end it in the same way, as my mother in law, who is the recipe it is. Put the hot salad into the airtight clean jar and preserve (over winter) for quick dinner.

Serve with potatoes or rice or buckwheat. Or use this salad as a base of the soup: add some stock and potatoes.

Salted mushroom:
How to remove additional salt are a lot of tips.
My South Estonian relatives told me that they boiling salted mushroom in milk. And after that mushroom look and taste like a fresh.
The second option is to boil mushroom just in the water.
And the simplest one.  Put mushroom to soak the night before.

Fresh chanterelle: The mushrooms are cleaned without water, with only a clean, dry towel and paring knife. Heat the chanterelle in a skillet without fat/butter until water has evaporated.

Frozen mushroom : melt, fry slightly.

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