Crunchy Marzipan and Bilberry Cake. Marjakook martsipaniga

marzipancake (28)Amazing berry cake with crispy bottom and top and juicy filling. Marzipan is very sweet and tartness of berries balancing and complements the light sweet almond taste of the marzipan.
Marzipan is one of the oldest sweets made in Estonia, and it was first used as a medicine as it was thought it has healing properties and was sold in the Town Hall Pharmacy of Tallinn. As the legend has it, the sweet was invented by a man who worked at the pharmacy. However, the city of Lübeck in Germany also claims to have invented the treat.

martsipan (3)

The word “marzipan” is derived from German Marzipan or Italian marzapane, most likely after St. Marcus; the Estonian name is martsipan. This product is an elastic paste made of grated, powdered almonds and powdered sugar. Read more about marzipan

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Semolina and Quark Cake. Manna-kohupiimakook naistepäevaks

manna kohupiima (3)

Happy Woman’s Day !!
Did you know: Estonia has considerably more women than men – for every 100 females, there are 84 men; only the Northern Mariana Islands have a smaller percentage of men.

This cake is my husband signature cake. This time he added cashews. Nuts made this cake even better: added structure and crispness. But you can make them as original, without nuts.

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10 Most Popular Posts of 2018 on EstonianCuisine

Happy New Year!!
Thank you all my readers!
I hope you enjoyed all recipes I shared and most important: found something new and lot of inspiration 🙂

These are the most popular posts on  www.

As in last year the most popular post was about Estonian Black Rye Bread.

    1. How To Do Estonian Black Rye Bread.   Estonian Black Bread is fermented Rye Bread. For this bread we have even the own word: LEIB
      eestileib2How To Do Estonian Black Bread. Leib
    2. Somewhat surprisingly reached the second place exotic SÜLT: How to do Meat Jelly/Aspic.  Sült was traditional winter time food, but nowadays it more popular in summertime.dsc02139
  1. The third place achieved the wonderful Estonian dessert KOHUKE. Estonian Secret: Kohuke. Chocolate Glazed Quark Snack
    Kohuke- chocolate glazed quark snack is very popular dessert for children breakfast.  


    Estonian Chocolate glazed Quark Snack. Kohuke
    Estonian Chocolate glazed Quark Snack. Kohuke
  2. Estonian Style Sauerkraut with Pork and Barley is called ” Mulgikapsad”. Kapsad- means Cabbage and Mulgi- Mulgimaa is area in South-Estonia, with own culture, traditions, food and dialect.
  3. And more cabbage 🙂 Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. Kapsarullid .Stuffed Cabbage Rolls are dish what is known, I believe, in everywhere. But every nation has his own recipe, something different, which give for this dish special touch and make it different,kapsarull1 (4)
  4. Mulgipuder means Mulgi’s porridge. This dish is very old though. In former times when people had wood burning stoves the porridge was placed on a stove in the morning where it had time to cook and get simmer and better.
    mulgipuder1 (1)
  5. Homemade Ginger Breads. Piparkoogid. In Estonian, Piparkook means, in direct translation – pepper cake. So, nothing about ginger
  6. Kama is Estonian traditional finely milled flour mixture. Estonians buying Kama mixture from shop.. and the easiest way is to try this, probably visit Estonia. But I still give you the recipe.kama uus (7)
  7. If you’re looking for a simple, yet delicious dessert, your search is over!
    Kirju Koer is one of my favorite simple desserts, just because it’s so easy to make and still as tasty. The perfect and very very sweet old school dessert or cake.kirjukoer 1(9)
  8. Crispy and Juicy Brita Cake. Brita kook. As I know this cake is origin from Sweden, but because of taste and simplicity is very popular in Estoniabitta (25)