10 Most Popular Posts of 2017 on EstonianCuisine

Happy New Year !  Thank you all my readers! 🙂  2017 was amazing year and I hope you enjoyed all recipes I shared and most important: found something new and lot of inspiration 🙂
Happy New Year!

These are the most popular posts on  www. estoniancuisine.com

  1. How To Do Estonian Black Rye Bread.
    Estonian Black Bread is fermented Rye Bread. For this bread we have even the own word: LEIB.

2. How To Do Homemade Quark
Impossible to write Estonian food blog without quark. If you have children, call them to join. To make quark is fun process and lesson about chemistry, cooking, health and fermentation 🙂

3. Cake Anthill, simple eggfree cake
This is Retro cake. This is easy cake. But the best part is the bottom dough. This is egg free. Easy to do. With neutral taste so you can use this for different cakes and pies.
sipelgapesa (3)

4. Minced Meat Sauce. Hakklihakaste.
This is easy and very quick Sauce, which probably do not need any recipe. But, because this is very traditional in Estonian food-table, let it be:)
hakklihakaste (3)
5.  Estonian Style Sauerkraut with Pork and Barley. Mulgikapsad.

Mulgikapsad can be served as a meal unto itself, usually with boiled potato and certainly with some fermented milk for drink. You may cook this as vegan, without meat.
Mulgikapsad takes and need lot of time. And Mulgikapsad are the best in the second day, as all Sauerkraut dishes.


6. Estonian Bread Pudding. Saiavorm.
This is a dessert from my childhood. It was often served as a dessert at school to reuse leftovers from bread.


7. After Party Soup. Seljanka.
next morning you just need a sour and sweet soup. I do not call this Selyanka, because real Selyanka is little bit different. But very similar:) This is Selyanka-type soup.
seljanka (4)

8. Soft and Delicious Grandmothers Apple or Rhubarb Pie. Pehme ja õhuline Õunakook
My grandmother did this using barley flour. But this is same delicious with wheat or whatever flour.
vanaema kook (10)

9. Estonian Quark and Rhubarb Pie. Pidusai by Terhi
In Estonia we call this type cakes and pies “Pidusai”- means “party bread”. This is festive and beautiful and everyone get one own piece.
pidusai (5)

10. Estonian Secret: Kohuke. Chocolate Glazed Quark Snack

Kohuke- chocolate glazed quark snack is very popular dessert for children breakfast. Estonians can buy from store tens of sorts Kohuke: with different flavours and fillings.