Cake Anthill, simple eggfree cake

Some time ago I saw Mediterranean diet recommendations in a blog As the Estonian National Institute for Health Development (ENIHD) publishedsipelgapesa (3)

a new updated version of Estonian diet recommendations at the end of 2016, I thought it would be very interesting to compare the recommendations.

Mediterranean diet
Estonian diet









Some things are the same: do not eat sweets and have enough daily physical activity.

The biggest difference is alcohol. From July excises for light alcohol including beer, are rising. For example the excise for wine is 0,54 euro per litre (and Estonian turnover tax is 20%).
Therefore, alcohol is expensive in Estonia, but it’s still true, that Estonians are not very good at handling alcohol.  We cannot drink. Lots of accidents and deaths are caused by alcohol. Anyway, it would be strange, cynical and unprecedented to see advice for alcohol in Estonian diet recommendations.

Cereals which are the base and bottom of these Mediterranean pyramid are the second big difference. Estonians fear cereals 🙂

A study, conducted in 2014 by ENIHD found that Estonians eat too little cereals, fish and seeds and nuts.
And Estonians eat too much meat and sweets.
I wrote recently about fish.

But if we are talking about vegetables, fruits… the main question that rises is: what about the climate? Should we take into consideration the location, the climate, the habits?

The Nature is very wise. 7500 years ago Nature understood that in the North there is too little sun, it is green only few months a year, only light lake fishes and olives do not grow there 🙂
But this area has gorgeous grass for herding that offers at least some calcium and vitamin D to locals and gives us a unique ability to digest lactose.

You can find the same or a similar story from each and every corner of the Word. Somewhere people are using a lot of spices, somewhere people are eating pure fat, somewhere they are eager to eat everything that moves… somewhere they are fermenting food before eating. And this is not arbitrary.
All diets have their own logic and reason, why they have been developed to what they are now.

In the Middle Ages our food was complemented slowly and gradually. Today the situation is much more complicated.
Globalization, information and transportation give us all possibility to eat strawberries in January. And we can enjoy Mediterranean or Asian or French or Nordic.. diet. But should we take these diets over entirely?
Is it ok, to take a little bit of everything?
Will our bodies adopt? or will we ruin them?

When we are not smart anymore and believing in media and globalization, does Nature is still smart enough and will help us?

I do not know.

But. if you have and can, please share with me your country diet recommendations!

Added: Docsimonson left link for ow the US has done these recommendations over several decades:

And . As I said, eat less sweets 🙂 So one more cake recipe 🙂  This is  Retro cake. This is easy cake. But the best part is the bottom dough. This is egg free. Easy to do. With neutral taste so you can use this for different cakes and pies.
NB! for this dough better for baking low temperature and longer time


Cake Anthill

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Print


  • 4 glass of flour
  • 200 g butter
  • 100 g sugar
  • 100 g  sour cream (Smetana/creme fraiche)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • Cream:

  • 190 g boiled condensed milk (dulce de leche)
  • 60 g butter


  1. Mix together flour, sugar, melted butter and cream
  2. Mix together soda and vinegar and add in to the dough
  3. Mix together.
  4. Leave in to the fridge at least for 1 hour
  5. Mash duogh thin and cut thick strips. Build “Anthill”
  6. Bake 180C ca 30-40 minutes (or more)
  7. For cream boil together butter and condensed milk, while mixture is enough thick. It takes ca 15 minutes.
  8. Pour cooled cake over with cream

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27 thoughts on “Cake Anthill, simple eggfree cake

  1. Interesting, and incredible how Estonians don’t eat cereals and fish in a country which is on the sea and in an area where I think there are cereals.
    But if it’s true what I read in the other post you linked, 25 euros/kg for a freshwater bream, well, that’s really high and incredible for me. In Italy for example breams, carps, rudds, etc. basically have no market, I think few people sell them. With less than that price you can get European perch, zander, pike which are usually considered better freshwater fish, and also a lot of sea fish is cheaper than 25 euro/kg (especially oily fish as anchovies, pilchards, etc. are much cheaper and is healthy). If those are the prices there, no surprise that the fish consumption is low 😮
    Yes, extra virgin olive oil is very important and with no doubt it’s the healthiest fat (when there are no cheatings, and unfortunately there are many), but as you said it’s not available everywhere in the world, at least not so easily.
    But if we go back in time, we can realize that the diets in many countries were very similar: a lot of fruit, cereals and vegetables, and very little meat (mostly it was prepared on Sunday and during feasts), also sweets were for the feasts mostly, and no junk food 🙂 that’s the main rule that we should all try to follow, I think 🙂
    I was reading that until 50/60 years ago in Italy the average consumption of meat was about 25 kg per year per person, instead nowadays it’s about 75 kg per year on the average. Too much, we should change this (personally I eat much less than 75 kg per year). And in other countries it’s even higher.
    Instead here where I live now, in Hungary, I have no data but from what I see in the stores on the average the meat consumption I think it’s very high, especially a lot of people eat everyday a lot of cheap processed meat as wurst/sausages/hams, etc. (made with poor quality meat and containing a lot of additives/preservatives and often heavily smoked, in other words the things which are considered bad for the health by many recent studies), many people use a lot of margarine (which is a terrible quality vegetable fat), they often fry, they rarely eat fish, and always on the average there is a high consumption of spirits/liquors. To eat more vegetables would be definitely much healthier and probably cheaper too (well, not sure, those processed meat are often incredibly very cheap, which should be enough to raise concerns in a normal mind). As a consequence the average life expectancy according to World Health Organization data is 7-8 years shorter than in most of the western European countries and the cardiovascular diseases/cholesterol problems/etc. are also high. For sure not the best model from the diet’s point of view.
    I think the main problem is the widespread lack of a concept for the word “quality”, and this is probably still because of the past 40 years of communist regime that destroyed every idea about quality, because it has favored only cheap mass productions removing all the good productions. And unfortunately it’s a very slow and not easy process to change this in the mind of the people.


    1. Yes. People are poor and lazy and most of us can not cook. The best example is Jamie Oliver. He did in schools miricales but at home… children ate fish and chips. Because of parents.

      I know fact that 1/3 of our food is growing on the specially moistured surfaces. Which mean that in very near future we will have lack of animal protein.
      So, as I said. Nature is very smart.We are eating too much meat. Population growing but we have less land for food. And soon we have not option to eat too much. World is changing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly, the good example should come first from the family in the everyday life, and not from TV celebrities.
        And yes, until 100 years ago in the world there have been never more than 1 billion people, but in the last 100 years we jumped up to 7 billions and we keep growing. But the problem is that more and more of these 7 billions want more and more meat. We don’t need so much meat, and it’s not healthy.


  2. I don’t think I have heard of this one before. This looks so delicious and very easy to make, too. Thank you for sharing at Fiesta Friday party.


  3. — I enjoyed this article. I think it’s safe to say that alcohol causes accidents, injury and mishaps in all nations. Coming from the US, I know that to be true here. The diet in the US in notoriously processed and artificial and Our food industry makes it difficult for regular Americans to eat healthy. Personally my husband and I eat “clean”. No processed foods, no white foods, and nothing from a can or package. Lots of vegetables and fruits, but eating this way is prohibitively expensive so for lower income Americans. Your article was interesting and the desserts look yummy! Thank you for writing.


    1. Thank you for link and good comment! Probably everywhere are exceptions. I agree that people are poor and sometime there are not choice but I would add that people need more education to understand media, more source critics and knowledges to “read” advertises and commercials.

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  4. I truly believe that the old fashioned food is the best way and that one is a reflection of the food one eats! That’s for sharing with us at FF, this very interesting “Anthill”cake. I had never heard of this before!


    1. it is very hard to describe. As you see, this is not shortcrust pastry, but tchickness is same. It acting during baking different, because of acid and soda. It has more moisture. I suggest this use as bottom of (apple) cake.
      This recipe was popular in times, were was not nothing- eggs, butter. Originally was used margarine. That?s why I named this retro cake.


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