Estonian Cold Soup with Black Bread. Hapupiimapudi

Ancient Estonians ate usually fermented milk  dipped in bread, fish or potatoes in the hot summer.
Now we are more riche 🙂 So, bread is not enough.

To make this soup use your creativity.  For this soup are suitable for example:

radish, tomato, cucumber
fermented cucumber, boiled beetroot, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs

kylmsupp 1(27)

1. chop suitable components in to the cubes
2. Pour over with fermented milk or kefir
3. Add roasted black bread cubes and boiled egg
4. and lot of fresh dill and, chives and green onion

Soundtrack  HU? “Depressiivsed Eesti väikelinnad”


15 thoughts on “Estonian Cold Soup with Black Bread. Hapupiimapudi

  1. Alrighty then. I love ❤️ soup. I’ve only had cold soup 🍜 in France, but ate it up every last drop. I also make many soups here at home.

    Recently, I have learned that eating/adding fermented veg to your diet is good for your digestive system. Tastes good and healthy too. Win-win!!!


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