Filled Eggs

Celebrate National Deviled Egg Day ~ November 2, 2017

Estonian Cuisine. Eesti Toit.

dsc01195Easters in Estonian ” Lihavõtted”. which mean in direct transaltion: take a meat, have a meat. Probably because after long winter was again possibility to eat some meat.

As probably everywhere we have tradition to paint eggs. My generations do not use synthetic colors, we paint eggs with onion skins or birch leaves.

And one more interesting fact. In Estonia we have day off only 14th of April.  We want to work so much..:)…

Filled Eggs can not miss from Estonian festive menu.

You can keep eggs simple, as in my picture. Or you can make them fancy, add some shrimps, caviar, fill eggs  by using squirt.

Soundtrack Nukitsamees ” Rahalaul”



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5 thoughts on “Filled Eggs

  1. Oh yum. I love deviled eggs. I am not surprised that there’s a National Deviled Egg Day. Thanks for sharing. When they’re right, I celebrate them any day. Just ask my sister-in-law!!!


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