Buckwheat and Mushroom Casserole. Tatra- seenevorm

Buckwheat and Mushroom Casserole http://www.estoniancuisine.com

The first written notices approve that buckwheat was in Estonia already in 14 th of century. Later, in 19 th century became potato more popular, but still buckwheat is very common and popular in Estonian cuisine.

This is my favourite. Easy to cook and healthy to eat.
By book you should buckwheat before cooking, simmer in hot butter. But at least in Estonia buckwheat is too “dirty” and I  start buckwheat cooking from washing.

I wash buckweat, pour it in  to the boiling water, add some salt and after 15 minutes, strain. Then I heat buckweat in a pot until water has evaporated and add some butter.

Perfect dinner, if you cooked yesterday too much buckwheat:)

Buckwheat and Mushrooms Casserole

  • Servings: 3-4
  • Difficulty: easy
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A fresh, light, vegetable casserole recipe perfect for a dinner.

Buckwheat and Mushroom Casserole http://www.estoniancuisine.com

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Meet and Greet: 11/3/17

Meet and Greet. And reblog post 🙂

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!  Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!  

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See ya on Monday!!

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Parsnip and Potatoes Rösti. Naeri ja kartuliröstid

pastnaagi r6sti1(2)
Parsnip and Potatoes Rösti http://www.estoniancuisine.com

I have the good relationship with vegetables. I love grow plants and I love to eat them. But reason I prefer vegetables is the taste. I love taste of tomatoes or potatoes and this is the reason to enjoy them.
What I can not understand is ” like” food.  Why should carrot taste ” like meat” or zucchini ” like fish” or cauliflower as ” real bread”. Why ?

I love the simplicity. And the pure taste.

If you have electric grater, this is the simplest dinner to make. Because of all vegetables are white, you can add some pumpkin, beetroot or carrot to add some colour.

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Filled Eggs

Celebrate National Deviled Egg Day ~ November 2, 2017

Estonian Cuisine. Eesti Toit.

dsc01195Easters in Estonian ” Lihavõtted”. which mean in direct transaltion: take a meat, have a meat. Probably because after long winter was again possibility to eat some meat.

As probably everywhere we have tradition to paint eggs. My generations do not use synthetic colors, we paint eggs with onion skins or birch leaves.

And one more interesting fact. In Estonia we have day off only 14th of April.  We want to work so much..:)…

Filled Eggs can not miss from Estonian festive menu.

You can keep eggs simple, as in my picture. Or you can make them fancy, add some shrimps, caviar, fill eggs  by using squirt.

Soundtrack Nukitsamees ” Rahalaul”



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Apple Cake by Moonika. Moonika õunakook

Monika kook1(19)This is again the very simple cake. If you do not have time, use biscuit cookies (like Lady Fingers or similar) for bottom and ready Pudding.

Apples are not my first choice. Apples are usual. And if you have so wide choice, why to pick the apples?

And then somewhere someone serving to me some apple jam and…I am sold.
My mother told me, when I was baby I had very bad appetite. One trick to make me eat was use everywhere apple jam and hide others ingredients and food under it 🙂

The key of this cake is apple jam. Specific  mild apple taste.

Monika kook1(13)

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Eesti rahva jõuluburger / The Estonian christmas burger

Still October but why not to prepare for Christmas 🙂


Varasematel aastatel olen teinud minipirukaid hapukapsa ning verivorstiga. Väga-väga maistvad, aga aega taigna tegemiseks ja rullimiseks mul seekord polnud – poest, kahjuks, on saadaval vaid e-aineid täis taignaid ning mitte ühtegi puhast soolast muretaigent (mis võiks ka munavaba olla). Seega seekord otsustasin kasutada lihtsamat teed – võtta kampa ciabatta kuklid. Sa võid kasutada ka tavalisi juustumuhkleid või muid kukleid mis sulle meeldivad. Maitse on ülim! Täiesti ausalt, ülim! Kõrvale paku värsket salatit ja ooo, kui hea jõulusöök!


Eesti rahva jõuluburger

Vaja on:

8tk verivorsti (nt Rakvere ahjuõuntega lambasooles verivorst)

4 kuklit (mida saad keskelt pooleks lõigata), nt ciabatta kuklit

250-300g porgandiga praekapsast

Korralik peotäis riivitud juustu ehk umbes 150g juustu

50 ml ehk 2 spl hapukoort

4-5 spl jõhvika-õunamoosi (parim valik!) või pohlamoosi

Kuidas valmib:

Lõika kuklid pooleks, kui sa väga saiaseid burgereid ei soovi, siis uurista neid seest tühjemaks. Pane igale kuklile 2 tl moosi. Lõika toored verivorstid poole…

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Simple Quark Cookies by Malle. Malle kohupiimaküpsised

kohupiimakypsis1 (5)
Simple Quark Cookies. http://www.estoniancuisine.com

I do not know about you, but I have always problem. When I cook for dinner soup, what to serve beside.

These cookies are simple to bake and pay attention: there no spices and seasonings in this dough. So, you can bake and serve them as savoury or sweet, as you like.

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Old-school Cabbage-Carrot Salad. Kapsa- porgandisalat.

porgkapsasalat (1)
Old School Cabbage Carrot Salad http://www.estoniancuisine.com

In 1988-1992 I have been studied in university (this time university last 5 years).  This was very complicated and messy time.
Of course, students are always poor and has complicated life 🙂 But this time in Estonia took place changes.

We have been more than 40 years occupied by soviet union, all this period were lack of food products, deficit. Most of milk and meat and butter,  produced in Estonia,  were sent to the Russia.
But in the beginning of 90-s, was situation very bad. This was not only deficit, but to get any milk, butter, flour, sugar, semolina…. and so one, you must have a special coupon.




porgkapsasalat (5)
Old School Cabbage Carrot Salad http://www.estoniancuisine.com

today is very cool to be vegan, This time we have to be vegans…we fryed potatoes using water, and this salad was one of the main dish. Vegetables were something, what we had….. Because most of the Estonians had and have some land in country or country grandmothers.
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I am Estonian

Maiu writing about Estonia. Lot of good information 🙂

Her Mid-Soul Crisis

….turned into Canadian. Or Estonian Canadian. Or just Canestian like we call ourselves with hubby 🙂

People ask where I am from because of my accent. Not as much lately, but still.  I usually have to explain where Estonia is on the map, how many people live there and also have to explain that yes, we have our own language. Over the years I have come to expect these questions and I have answered them a million times.

Do you know anything about Estonia? 

Estonia: 45,336 km² ; Capital: Tallinn 

Population 1,3 million ; more than 2000 islands;


Estonia is a country in Northern Europe. We like to call ourselves more northern Europeans than Eastern Europeans because of our history with Russia – The Soviet Union.  Sweden in the west and Finland in the north. The official language is Estonian, although there are people who never learned/never want to learn…

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