World Clean Up Day 2018 . Teeme ära

This photos are made 10 years ago. This was our first ” Teeme ära” clean up day. Honestly? It was terrible, but useful experience.

My family and my daughters classmates understood, how much trash we have in nature. And to clean up everything is not easy work to do.

On September 15, 2018, World Cleanup Day, people in 150 countries will stand up against the global waste problem, cleaning up trash and creating the biggest positive civic action the world has seen. Join with us, find your country contacts and read more information.


Clean up day 2008
Clean Up Day 2008




14 thoughts on “World Clean Up Day 2018 . Teeme ära

  1. Wonderful. I will look to see what activities are schediled around my town. If none, I will get a trash bag and gloves to clean along road bordering my place. But, it is such a task even one area because of accumulated rubbish and wind blows the plastics even on tree branches.

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  2. It’s beyond me why people think it’s ok to throw any trash in the nature (or any public space). I wish I had a magic wand and get each bit back bang in the middle of their living room.
    Thanks for sharing, I’ll check what’s happening in my area

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  3. Kooliajal töötasin paar suve malevas ning tegime palju prühikorjamist, pärast oli alati väga hea tunne. Ning eluks ajaks on jäänud harjumus mitte prügi laiali visata ja õpetan oma lapsi samamoodi (ning meest, kes ei ole Eestist ja tal on veel selles suhtes kasvatamist vaja! :D)

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    1. Mul sama minevik, aga seda ei julge küll öelda et eestlased ei prügista. Mulle on jäänud mulje, et nt kilekotte kasutame me vähem kui Lõuna Eurooplased. Aga just täna oli uudistes, et Läänemeri on täis… suitsukonisid… 😦
      Ja teine kurb tõde on see et Indoneesia prügi on kogu maailma prügi ja sama ka Eesti osas. Me kõik oleme seotud… 😦

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