I am Estonian


Maiu writing about Estonia. Lot of good information 🙂

Her Mid-Soul Crisis

….turned into Canadian. Or Estonian Canadian. Or just Canestian like we call ourselves with hubby 🙂

People ask where I am from because of my accent. Not as much lately, but still.  I usually have to explain where Estonia is on the map, how many people live there and also have to explain that yes, we have our own language. Over the years I have come to expect these questions and I have answered them a million times.

Do you know anything about Estonia? 

Estonia: 45,336 km² ; Capital: Tallinn 

Population 1,3 million ; more than 2000 islands;


Estonia is a country in Northern Europe. We like to call ourselves more northern Europeans than Eastern Europeans because of our history with Russia – The Soviet Union.  Sweden in the west and Finland in the north. The official language is Estonian, although there are people who never learned/never want to learn…

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