Haapsalu. #visitestonia

20181124_113857If you are a sports fan, you will definitely know Haapsalu swordsmen’s Kaido Kaaberma, Oksana Jermakova, Nikolai Novosjolov, Julia Beljajeva, Irina Embrich, Kristina Kuusk, Erika Kirpu

Maybe you have even seen the historic very touching and sad movie “Vehkleja” The Fencer. The film was selected as the Finnish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards, making the December shortlist of nine films, but it was not nominated. The Fencer was also nominated for the Golden Globe award in the Best Foreign Language Film category as a Finnish/German/Estonian co-production.

Sure you know compositor Pjotr Tchaikovsky and that most of book by Astrid Lindgren illustrated by Ilon Wikland. Ilon raised in Haapsalu, In 1944 she escaped with the family of a classmate from the second Soviet occupation of Estonia, to Sweden

World-famous Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky was residing in Haapsalu in 1867 In his honour, a monument to the Chocolate Promenade was erected, where the maestro loved to watch the sunrise from the shores and admire the lakes.

It is just a memorial bench for the composer but it is impressive. There is a button to hear a recording that tells his story in Haapsalu. One of his symphonies was inspired by san Estonian folk song.

I wrote in my blog that Haapsalu women are able to knit a spider’s web. This is a world-famous Haapsalu scarf.

Let me introduce to you one of the most beautiful towns in Estonia Haapsalu.

Haapsalu is located in West Estonia by the sea. and is famous for its treatment of mud. There are a lot of Spa resorts and full of tourists during the summer and wintertime.

Haapsalu is the town of coffee shops. I believe that you can find the best cakes of Estonia from Haapsalu.

And Haapsalu is the town of legends and horror.
Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival HÕFF take place already for the 12th year.20181124_111256

On the Baptistery’s circular window built into the southern wall of Haapsalu Dome Church, a female figure appears during the full moon nights in August,
who has been named the White Lady.

Haapsalu Railway Station is very beautiful…but..there are no train traffic. A few years ago the government decided to quit railway traffic to Haapsalu. But locals have not lost hope. Every year September 22 they are gathering to ” wait for a train”… maybe on one beautiful day we can take a train from Tallinn to Haapsalu.

We visited Haapsalu in November. Grey dark and rainy day.

Listen to swans. They knew what is coming next…20181125_111546


Next morning was bright sunny cold and white…. winter





2 thoughts on “Haapsalu. #visitestonia

  1. Thank you for a beautiful photo journey . . . I was a Pärnu gal when little and have never been to Haapsalu but have friends there and would be certain to visit once I got to the country. ‘The Fencer’ is a well-known film in Australia having both had times in the cinema and on TV . . . it has also been shown at most of the Estonian Clubs in the country. I never knew about Tchaikovsky’s relationship with the town. Have never made a ‘Haapsalu’ scarf but proudly one . . .


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