Fish in newspaper

I got this idea from Jamie Oliver. And it sounded very intriguing to me. Is it really possible to grill fish in the newspaper? And yes, this is possible. And the result is juicy and delicious.



Clean a fish. Using a sharp knife, make a shallow cut from here along the belly of the fish, stopping at the base of the gills. Use your fingers or a dull spoon to scoop out the fish’s innards.
Fill fish with a bit of the oil, leek, lime and dill. Season with pepper and salt.
Wrap a fish in a double newspaper paper. Dip package into the water ( do not soak! Just for a minute), and start grilling.

Baking time depends on fish. But it takes for 15-20 minutes. But check by time to time!




2 thoughts on “Fish in newspaper

  1. Hi,I really enjoy your posts. I visited Estonia last year and really enjoyed the country and the food.I was wondering if you would like me to edit your posts before they go out? Your English is very good, but there are a number of errors that could be fixed.For example you wrote: And it sounded very intrigued to me. Revised: and it sounded very intriguing to me.Just a thought!Jud (from the US)


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