Buckwheat and Quark Fritters. Tatra- kohupiimapallid

tatrapall1 (5)Good dish for “meat free Mondays ” 🙂

Notice, that if you change balance of buckwheat and quark  in favour of buckwheat, you receive more crispy result. Eat warm, because cold dish become crispy, as well (what is not bad at all).

In my picture are balls. But if you prefer to serve them as burger, form loaves.

I’m not a big fan of frying these fritters as I barely have time, plus I get my sufficient amount of fat from other sources anyway. 🙂

Therefore, I’ve adapted the  recipe for baking in the oven.

In case you want to fry on to the skillet: leave dough in to the refrigerator at least for  an 1 hour, before frying.

I decided, that buckwheat flour is too expensive, so I did this by myself from buckwheat groats 🙂 In this case  I suggest to use closed mill: blender or similar. otherwise count with cleaning… 🙂
Groats are so light, that they are jumping out from your mixer:)

Buckwheat and Quark Fritters

  • Servings: ca 9 pcs
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print
tatrapall1 (3)


  • 150 ml buckwheat flour
  • 200 g quark. Look at recipe.
  • 50 g sour cream
  • 25 g soft butter
  • salt, pepper, thyme, parsley…

tatrapall1 (1)


  1. Mix together all ingredients
  2. Season very boldly
  3. Using  wet hands form balls or loaves.
  4. Bake at oven at 180 C for 20 minutes, turn over and bake more 5 minutes.

tatrapall1 (4)

Did you make this recipe?

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7 thoughts on “Buckwheat and Quark Fritters. Tatra- kohupiimapallid

  1. what a great site!!! hadn’t known Estonian food is so wonderful!!! would love to see what ‘chocolate glazed curd snacks’ you mention on your about page are like 🙂


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