Are You looking for Handmade Christmas Gifts Ideas?

Finding the right gift can be a damn near impossible task. But. This year. For me this task is very easy 🙂
Estonia really prioritize the well-being of new parents. Mothers in Estonia are given 140 days of fully paid pregnancy and maternity leave, which may begin 30-70 days before the expected delivery date.  After maternity leave ends, parents get an additional 435 days off to share, with compensation calculated at the average of their two earnings.IMG_2525My sister got two wonderful children. And of course, her children are very good children 🙂 🙂
And that would not be boring, she started own business :)I love robes, she is making 🙂 And maybe you as well? Maybe  I can help you and solve the biggest problem:
” right Christmas present”. So, check it out, I hope you like Prii robes 🙂

Ülla, my sister is writing:

We all know how tricky it is to find “the right item” from the stores. Especially if you know exactly, what you´re looking for. Well, I was looking for a nice robe for my husband. Natural fabrics, nothing too fancy or expensive, yet not the ordinary boring frotees. Something with style and quality. Maybe I was looking in all the wrong places, but what a huge amount of polyester and “Made in Taiwan”…
And so, I came to a conclusion- I have to do it myself. My husband liked the first robe and since then I´ve made a few more 🙂
It has been an exciting journey! To find the right designs , good fabrics and excellent partners. BTW, the sewing quality is really great! All these robes are sewn in Tallinn, Estonia and each seam is made with the heart, you can make sure of it yourself.
So, I hope you like Prii robes. And if you have good suggestions on how to get more better – all thoughts are welcome!

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