4 Best Routs to Visit South Estonia #visitestonia #southestonia #võro #seto

1.     I would suggest not to drive from Tallinn directly to Tartu, but take a detour and admire Shore of Peipsi Lake.
Tallinn – Rakvere (99 km / 1h 12 min)- Kuremäe ( from Rakvere 91 km/ 1h 10 min)- driving along lake Peipsi (Lohusuu, Mustvee, Alatskivi)  94,6 km/ 1 h) to Tartu (from Alatskivi 40 km/ 37 min)


2.     From Tartu
99 km/ 1 h 16 min– Kolodavitsa ( 19,5 km/ 20 min) – Piusa (4 km/ 5 min) – Orava (8 km/ 10 min)- Värska (16,6 km/ 20 min) – Taevaskoja (49 km/ 40 min)- Tartu  (48 km/ 38 min)

  • Vastseliina Episcopal Castle was built in 1342 on the lands of the Bishop of Tartu and it became one of the most powerful fortifications in old Livonia
  • The Piusa sandstone caves, Ticket 5 eur
  • Bread baking workshop in Obinitsa, 15 eur, advance bookings only
  • Värska
    Beautiful lake and amazing nature. Pick and eat wild blueberries and lingonberry.
    Word-famous Värska mineral water.
    Be careful.:) This is the area of States Borders. Be careful and follow signs. Latvia is in EU and you welcome to visit Latvia, but for Russia, you need a visa J
    Have a dinner Seto Talumuuseumi Tsäimaja in the Seto Farm Museum. 
  • Taevaskoja sandstone cliff. Very beautiful. Have just for a walk or ask for a guided tour. Check from this link for other activities.
  1. Tartu- Võru ( 71 km / 56 min) Munamäe (10 km/ 14 min )  Rõuge ( 15 km/ 15 min) Sangaste loss ( 70 km/ 1 h)  Pühajärve ( 22 km/ 20 min)  Tartu (48, 5 km/ 40 min)

  • Võru
    beautiful lakes, promenades;
    Võrumaa Food Center (the title of the “Year of the Woodwork” awarded to the building), a monument to the “Estonian Food”, which was erected by a farmer from a private person and paid the price of a combine.
    Find Piret Pilberg linen fashions Võru, Tartu 31
    Admire painted flats houses in Võru, painted by Navitrolla
  • Suur Munamägi Observation Tower
    The highest peak in Estonia (and the Baltic states), reaching 318 meters (1,043 ft) above sea level. Suur Munamägi (translation is” Big Egg Mountain”)
    Ticket 4 eur
  • Rõuge Suurjärv
    Lake Suurjärv in Rõuge is the deepest of the Estonian lakes – 38 m. There is a public sandy beach near the lake and the hiking trail in the Rõuge Primeval Valleyruns along its shore.
    The Monument to the Estonian Mother
  • Sangaste Castle
    The castle was built earl Bergs, rye breeder – “Estonian rye King” Castle in the Vinzor style,
  • Pühajärve and Otepää
    Pühajärv (“Holy Lake”) is a lake in Estonia, near the town of Otepää. Otepää is the most well-known winter sports centre in the Baltics and the Winter Capital of Estonia. Otepää got its name, which in Estonian means “bear’s head” after the shape of the castle hill. Otepää is first and foremost known as a ski resort and here you can enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing, as well as snowboarding and snow tubing. During the summer you can hike along the paths of Otepää Nature Park,
    Have dinner in Pühajärve SPA or in a very fancy restaurant GMP Pühajärve.
  1. From Tartu to Viljandi (75 km/ 58 min) Riidaja ( 45 km/ 39 min) Helme (10,8 km/ 10 min) Taagepera (15,6 km/ 13 min)  Lilli ( 10 km/ 18 min)  Tartu (96 km/ 1h 30 min)

  • Viljandi
    My childhood hometown 🙂
    impressive castle ruins, former home of the ruling Livonian Order. Two lakes, The Kondas centre of naive art; Estonian Traditional Music Center.

Park your car near the bus station/Centrum. Walkthrough Tartu Street to Castle ruins, Go down the Trepimägi to the lakes of Viljandi
Rent a boat.
Go back to the old city, visit recycling fashions stores (there are a lot of and very good ones)
Have dinner in Roheline Maja or Fellin or Amrita Pizza.
Rent a bike: Joosepi Jalgrattapood Kaalu 9, Viljandi

  • Halliste söökla a famous, good-value canteen serving local home-cooked food. The kind of food that Estonians eat in their homeshalliste
  • Riidaja
    Bagpipe Holiday House. You can enjoy the performances of Anu and Triinu Taul. The farm has its own airport. Sightseeing flights with a motorized hang glider.
  • Helme Caves and manor
    Situated to the north of castle ruins, the caves have a white Burtniek layer of sandstone walls standing 3 m high
  • Taagepera Castle
    is open advance bookings only. Baron Hugo von Stryk had the impressive art nouveau castle built as a home for himself more than a hundred years ago.
  • Lilli
    Teringi study trail 4,5 km . Go hiking!! J Perfect overview of Estonian bogs. If you are brave enough, you can swim in a bog- lake J
    Your biggest problem can be mosquitos (depending on weather). Buy some repellent.


4 thoughts on “4 Best Routs to Visit South Estonia #visitestonia #southestonia #võro #seto

  1. Oh these trips sound so lovely! Hopefully there’s a chance to visit Estonia again this summer – saw a lot of other places there already, but not Lake Peipsi so far. Thanks for the inspiration!

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