Rhubarb and Sour Cream Frozen Dessert. Rabarberi hapukooremagustoit

rabarberi kylm1(22)The perfect summer dessert. Cooling and bracing. Great rhubarb sour and sweet flavour combined with tender and light cream.
Very easy to do.

Beginning of the 90s I worked a few months in Finland. One of my responsibilities was to cook, prepare dinner and breakfast. My host introduced to me house and equipment and everything I must to know.
Home appliances and equipment were a little bit fancier than we had at home. But the most interesting and weird thing was: a big freezer. This was full of different packs, as I had known later, prepared meat and fish and even cakes and pies. It was very strange. Yes. We used and had a freezer at home. But it was just a small shelf or drawer for ice cream.
It was summer. And as at home, we picked berries to preserve them for winter. It was a familiar and ordinary job for me. But the result, a juice was not preserved in an aseptic glass jar, as usual, but in the plastic box placed in the freezer.

The first refrigerator was introduced by Scottish professor William Cullen already in 1755, but freezers went into mass production until after Word War II.
The freezer is for me so important for two reasons. The first one is preserving fresh berries and mushrooms. By nowadays life has changed and you can buy fresh berries throughout the year. But still, strawberries in January are never as sweet and delicious as they are in July. Freezing helps preserve berries and mushroom as fresh as the day it was harvested, full of vitamins.
And the second reason. I am a picky person. I do not want the same food the next day and I do not like wasting the food.rabarberi kylm1(32)
Freezer helps me to preserve food and eat this when I want to.
I believe that most of the people around the world agree with me. Less wasting food, fewer food poisonings, more time for pleasures and less for everyday shopping or cooking are benefits of freezers and refrigerators. This invention made our lives easier.

Remind to take the dessert at the room temperature at least 0,5 hour before serving.

Rhubarb and Sour Cream Frozen Dessert

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

A perfect summer dessert. Cold, sour and sweet and creamy.

rabarberi kylm1(26)


  • 200 ml cream 35 %
  • 200 g sour cream (smetana, Creme Fraiche)
  • 1/2 cup chopped rhubarb
  • sugar, cinnamon

rabarberi kylm1(19)


  1. Peel and slice rhubarb. Heat in microwave oven or add little water and boil until rhubarb is soft. Season with sugar and cinnamon
  2. Whip 35% cream with sugar. Make this little bit too sweet. Whip cream firm and add sour cream very carefully stirring.
  3. Mix carefully together creams and prepared rhubarb.
  4. Freeze overnight.
  5. Take the dessert at the room temperature at least 0,5 hour before serving.
  6. In photo, I served dessert with rye bread crumbs.

rabarberi kylm1(23)

rabarberi kylm1(31)


3 thoughts on “Rhubarb and Sour Cream Frozen Dessert. Rabarberi hapukooremagustoit

  1. I’m with you. I love my freezer, because I don’t like to waste food. Berries are very perishable, as are many of the vegetables that I eat every day. The amounts you buy are often too much for one serving, and will go bad. So, I freeze them. I typically use them later in a smoothie, but they are not wasted. That is the most important.

    You dessert this post looks delicious. I will have to look for some rhubarb next time I visit the grocery, and see if I can whip this up. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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