Nettle Salad. Nõgesesalat

n6gesesalat1(17)Spring means a lot of weed…
But I have a solution, Just eat them:)
I am not going to talk about the benefits of nettles, wood sorrel, dandelion leaves and goutweed. You can read this from Wikipedia 🙂

But believe me, they are healthy. The first source of vitamins in spring.

Goutweed taste like carrots and celery. Nettles are a little bit sweet. And wood sorrel is sour.
Nettles keep 1-2 minutes in the boiling water. Goutweed and wood sorrel are edible fresh.
NB! Use only young, fresh, new, small weed, growing in the pure environment.


Nettle Salad

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

A fresh, light, first spring Salad, full of vitamines



  • weeds (nettles, wood sorrel, dandelion leaves and goutweed)
  • grated carrot
  • hard-boiled egg
  • hazelnuts, chopped
  • For sauce
  • sour cream
  • mayonnaise
  • garlic



  1. For sauce mix sour cream and mayonnaise and season with smashed garlic
  2. tear green into the pieces, add grated carrot and boiled egg
  3. Mix together.


One more way to use nettles. To make sauna whisks 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Nettle Salad. Nõgesesalat

  1. What a beautiful salad you have managed to plate! Remember nettle and wood sorrel soups clearly from my childhood . . . don’t think salads were a big deal in Estonia way back then ! But kudos truly for your plating – unfortunately my neighbourhood is either empty of weeds or they may have been sprayed by todays’ gross chemicals . . .

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