Black Bread Dessert. Leivasupp

Black Bread Dessert. Leivasupp

So, You baked black bread and probably have some leftovers. This is the easiest dessert in the world.
NB! of course, if you have very salty bread with caraway seeds, this is not dessert to you. Then make better Garlic Breads.


Already medieval cookbooks included recommendations to use toasted and grated black bread to make desserts. Baltic German cooks made black bread pudding with apples or chocolate and wine, rum or cognac. During the inter-war period, Estonian housewives took to making various desserts out of black bread, e.g. a chocolate pudding with black bread. In Soviet times, bread soup was often served in cafeterias, but people made it at home as well.

Black bread plays a major role in Estonian culture. There are tons of superstitions, traditions and old sayings about bread here. For example, you shouldn’t slice a new loaf in the evening or it will shrink, though this saying has become obsolete with the introduction of pre-sliced bread. Also, if you drop your slice of bread, you shouldn’t throw it away – you should pick it up, kiss it and then continue eating. And eating the heel piece will give you big breasts.

Black Bread Dessert. Leivasupp

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
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A light and easy dessert from black bread


  • 300 g ( 8 slices) black bread
  • 1 litre water + juice
  • (100 g raisins or other dried fruits)


  1. If you going to use dried fruits, let them swell at least 1 hour. Steep water include in showed 1 litre
  2. You get better taste, if you use hardened bread. So toast or roast it, and for better consistent you can bread grated, as well
  3. Cook on the low heat. Beware, splashes !!
  4. Taste. Usually bread is sweet enough, but if you like add some sugar, cinnamon or brandy
  5. Cook, while bread is softened and water is reduced – you should have thick sour cream content
  6. Cool down. And serve with cold milk, whipped cream or sour cream
  7. dsc01669

    Head isu!

Soundtrack Arvo Pärt “Ukuaru valss”

Arvo Pärt is the world’s most performed living composer. He is known for his minimalist style that uses his own invented compositional technique, tintinnabuli.




4 thoughts on “Black Bread Dessert. Leivasupp

    1. I like this, but my child, for example do not like this at all. Because bread is sour-sweet-savory, and this combination for her too much 🙂


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