Cottage Cheese and Potato Salad. Kodujuustu ja kartulisalat

kodujuust (1)
cottage cheese

Interesting fact: In Estonia, cottage cheese began to be produced in order to meet the cheese production plan set by Moscow to the USSR. The National Planning Committee of the USSR almost doubled the cheese production of the Estonian SSR for the five-year plan, So, this is the reason why Estonia began to produce cottage cheese which was reported as cheese in the reports 🙂kogujuustukartulisalat (14)

But still. There is nothing better than fresh new potatoes with little bit salty cottage cheese.
I believe I am not wrong to say that this is a typical Estonian summer dish. Potatoes and cottage cheese and sometimes with herring.kogujuustukartulisalat (1)
kogujuustukartulisalat (10)
For salad. Mix together

  • new potatoes. Boiled and sliced
  • tomatoes, cucumbers and radish
  • something green. Lettuce, onion, chives and dill

For sauce

  • mix together sour cream and cottage cheese
  • season with salt and pepper

And this is my garden on the balcony 🙂DSC02328


14 thoughts on “Cottage Cheese and Potato Salad. Kodujuustu ja kartulisalat

  1. Fresh potatoes with keso (cottage cheese) are very good together. Here we oven bake sliced fresh potatoes mixed with milk, flour and egg. Serve the potato pie with cottage cheese and lingonberry jam.
    Will definitely be trying your salad.

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  2. This sounds yummy! I’m a big fan of cottage cheese and sour cream. Red potatoes are Very healthy as well. And tomatoes, Nothing better than those. I’m Italian and Greek. I definitely have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing! 💛 💚 💙 🌷

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