Fresh Salad with Rye Bread

Fresh Salad with Black Bread

What do you think, is it possible to stay hungry in Italy or France ?

At Cookingwithoutlimits was discussion about food experience during trips, travelling. The first rule is: look at for place, where locals eat.

Do you know this saying: breakfast eat yourself, lunch share with friend and dinner give to enemy?

In Estonia we eat dinner usually at 6-7 pm. Because we used to, because you should “give your dinner to enemy”, because we have been studied, that between last meal and sleep must be at least 3-4 hours.  So, during traveling is the most complicated challenge is to find place with locals. Because…. Mediterranean countries they start their dinner at 9.. 10 o clock:) And when we are looking for place.. restaurants are empty (or still closed) 🙂

Few years ago we were with family in Spain, Torremolinos. Knowing, how complicated is to find good place for dinner I did search. and ( probably?) Tripadvisor told me the name of the good place for dinner.
So we drawled time.. till 8 o clock and went to this place. It was empty, Few tourist couples only with us. ” jee… popular place..”, was I angry. Sorry,
I do not remember this place-name. But it look like quite poor and cheap: white plastic tables and chairs. We did not understand menu and asked same food, what had our neighboring table. This was only fish and seafood restaurant. We got our food, this was delicious and we kept wondering, why this rated place with amazing food is still empty.
Was a half past eight… and… suddenly appeared crowds:) When we finished our meal, all tables were full and a very long queue waited for opportunity to get dinner..:)

So. Story about eating right time in right place.
Today I introduce dinner you can eat 100% yourself, no need to share with enemy’s:)
This is one of my favourite Salad

Salad sauce
Mash 1 glove of the garlic and add sliced basilic
Add 3-4 parts of oil and
1 part of the lemon juice
grounded black pepper and drop Worcester sauce
Mix and taste, if necessary add more acid or oil.
Do not add salt!
Now add teaspoon of mayonnaise and mix carefully

Fresh Salad with Black Bread

Pour in to the cold and dry pan seeds: flax, sunflower, hemp, sesame, pumpkin
Toast and pour seeds to cool
Add little bit oil and toast slice of bread. Look bread recipe here,

Slice Salad

add tomato, cucumber, radish…

Chop toasted bread in to the cubes  and add some cheese ( hard cheese or grilled cheese)

Serve. Head isu!

Kaire Vilgats “Ühiselu”




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