Last summer I sent my daughter to the other side of the globe. And I started to get messages… Mom, how do you do this and this dish.
Recently I got a new camera and asked myself why not to create a blog. Blog, where all my everyday dishes and recipes.
I started in Estonian and a few months later I did the same in English. Just to have 3 in 1 🙂 To practice my English, learn photography ( please, be gentle :)) and promote and introduce Estonian cuisine.
And help my daughter. of course 🙂

Do You Know where Estonia is?
This is one of the smallEST countries in the European Union. In Estonia lives only 1 235 000 people, but we have our own language, university and culture.

Thanks for challenging history our food is influenced by German, Russian, Swedish… Estonian Food is real fusion.

And it seems to me, that we have taken the best of everything.

We eat a lot of milk products. We love a sour cream (hapukoor), a quark (kohupiim) and our children like for a breakfast chocolate glazed curd snacks (kohuke).
Our visitors said, that our food is strange 🙂 We like salty porridge,  blood sausage (verivorst),  meat jelly (sült). We love potato. And we prefer instead of wheat oats, rye and barley.

We have 4 seasons in our food-table.
And most of Estonians still know what and how to cook fresh chanterelles or berries.  We are preserving, salting, drying and fermenting. Estonia, it is Fresh air. Clean water.
Pure food.

Our children get a free school lunch and this is not a sandwich. This is soup or some main dish. We have amazing desserts and thanks for our east neighbour’s tasty soups.

Handcrafted quality has always been at the heart of the Estonian Cuisine. We live by it. We are baking bread, salting and fermenting and cooking…

Estonia is Pure and Clean.  Read more about actions, we are planning and make with us the world better.

And this food made us tall (look at researches) and smart (look at PISA results). I need only 5 minutes to fill out a declaration of my income tax or get a doctor prescription or to participate in elections.
Without leaving home.

Do You know Kelly Sildaru, Ksenia Balta, Gerd Kanter, Arvo Pärt, Paavo Järvi, Annely Peebo, Kriss Soonik, Carmen Kass, Kerli Kõiv, Margus Hunt, Ragnar Klavan…Skype, Transferwise, CrabCad and Click&Grow….?

So,  You do know Estonia. We’re high tech and committed to organic. Join with us as e- Residents 🙂

All photos and food are made by me. Please ask permission, if you want to use them.

Thank You!

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