Spring Gourmet Spruce Tips Smoothie

I live in the right place. I love the temperate zone, I love 4 seasons. And I love spruces.

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Spring Gourmet Spruce Tips Smoothie

Where are growing spruces, there are blue flowers, wood sorrels, mushrooms, blueberries and option to find some water for drinking. Spruce is the tree of life.  Fir branches give warm, shelter from the rain and spruce tips as source of vitamines and thirst quencher. And spruce is Christmas tree.

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Spring Gourmet Spruce Tips Smoothie

In Spruce forest has a tragedy and intrigue. When the main character in the (Estonian) film has to flee, it happening definitely in the spruce forest: the branches beat against the face. The Spruce forest makes you humble, so as not to get hurt, you must to move very cautiously..

And fairies and witches living in the green light of the forest  

Because I love these things, I am very worry about the global warming. The Estonian weather become (and already is) more warmer, our winters are not winters anymore, we have more moisture ( ok, warmer summers are good news …).20170529_165606

For spruces are important that at least the once a year ground will  freeze over. Because of warming we have not real cold weather anymore and it  is  mean, that spruces are moving away, more the North.
So, I hope this is not the last century to enjoy Spruce Tips Smoothie

Mix together

  • handful Spruce Tips
  • strawberries
  • kefir or yoghurt. In case you do not want dairy, replace them to cucumber, cowslip flowers and leaves
  • basil and mint leaves


kuusekokteil (2)
Spring Gourmet Spruce Tips Smoothie

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27 thoughts on “Spring Gourmet Spruce Tips Smoothie

  1. What a beautiful way to use spruce tips, which are at this moment abundant on my property. I have used them many ways, but never in a smoothie. I will give this one a try.

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