#recipeswap Croatian Zagreb schnitzel

horvatia (3)What do you know about Croatia?
My husband (he is the huge sport fan) answered:

Ooo. Of course I know. They are great basketball players.
And he called to me the entire team 🙂
How do not you know Dražen Petrović (was a Croatian professional basketball player)?
And their football is quite good as well, Take
Modric Jersey and Ivan Rakitic, for example. But we are better,
he laughed. In March we had friendship play between Estonia and Croatia, and we won 3:0.(this was miracle :))

Mom, what about Dalmatian, asked my daughter.

What do you know about Croatia?
I asked from my friends: Ooo. Of course I know. Dubrovnik and Krk. These  are very popular holiday destinations. Capital city is Zagreb, small beautiful country with amazing sandy beach on the Adriatic coast and handsome mountains.

So, I believe, you understood me. Croatia is country, where tall athletic men walking with spotty dogs on the beach 🙂

I am never been in Croatia, it is in my holiday bucket list. And when Tea from Little Finger proposed me cooperation, to swap recipes. I agreed, because Tea blog is wonderful and I do not know anything about Croatian food.

So, please let me introduce to you Zagreb schnitzel. Other amazing Croatian recipes you can find from Tea blog Little Finger.

Delicious chicken schnitzel

  • Servings: 4
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horvatia (5)
Zagreb Schnitzel


– 4 chicken breasts, deboned and skinned
– 4 toast cheese packets
– 4 slices of roast pork ham
– salt
– oil (pork lard is an option)
– 4 eggs
– 200 g breadcrumbs
– 50 g of plain flour


horvatia (13)
Zagreb Schnitzel

1. Beat the chicken breast very thin and salt it.
2. Put a piece of ham in the middle and place the cheese on top.
3. Roll in a cigare shape.
4. Put in flour, then beaten egg, then breadcrumbs. Repeat the egg and breadcrumbs step again.
5. Fry in a lot of medium heat oil until golden and crispy.

I added a soundtrack a Croatian Eurovision song 2017 Jacques Houdek “My Friend”


11 thoughts on “#recipeswap Croatian Zagreb schnitzel

  1. I knew the Austrian schnitzel, the Italian “cotoletta alla milanese”, and the Spanish (Asturian) “cachopo”, but not this Croatian version, nice 🙂 and the crust looks nicely crispy.
    From Dalmatia I know they have also a very good cured ham, with no additives/preservatives used, but just salt as for the Italian ones (plus a light smoke).

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