Top 10 Estonian Summer Dishes. Eat Summer Dishes Like Estonian.

I love Estonian Summer. everything is green and flourishes and smells. White and short nights and long warm days.
And finally, you can see the sun 🙂
Of course, there have been records, very warm and very cold summers. But in average summer temperature is +23-25 C degrees.  And after few days of warm days starts whining…. too hot 🙂

The Estonian climate is very humid, which means that our warm feels very warm and our cold feels very cold.

As everywhere, Estonians eat and drink during summertime food, which does not need long preparation time and time in front of the hot stove.
There are few Estonian favourite Summer Dish

Different salads and grilled meat and fish. For example Chicken In Yoghurt Marinade
kana tilliga1(1)

I would say that Cottage Cheese is one of the most popular Summer Dish. Estonians combining it with new potatoes, herring and vegetables. Very easy to prepare, healthy and delicious. Find from my blog recipes with Cottage Cheese.
For example Cottage Cheese and Potato Salad
kogujuustukartulisalat (1)

When the vegetables start to mature, combine new fresh potatoes, cabbage and carrots and peas… to cook amazing New Vegetable Soup
piima köögivilja1 (2)

When the weather is very hot, you need cooling dishes. Like cold soups. There are different recipes in my blog but try for example cold soup from Seto Cuisine.
suulliim1 (9)

Every Estonian has its own recipe, how to brine and salt and marinate cucumbers.  Even in my blog, you can find a few different recipes. It takes only a few hours but cucumbers taste very delicious and complement all summer dishes.
Freshly brined and salted cucumbers
soolakurk 1(7)
Now is something for advanced 🙂 Meat Jelly/Aspic. Sült. Making and cooking Sült take a long time and hours. But nowadays we can buy sült from the store. Open package and delicious and healthy dinner are ready. Add some new potatoes and cottage cheese and sour cream… yummy!

And one more delicious food you can not prepare by yourself. Visit Estonia and buy some packages the Kama 🙂 During summer I have the Kama as breakfast. I add natural yoghurt or kefir and a lot of fresh strawberries and a handful of seeds… Delicious!!
kama uus (7)

In July will be ready the first chanterelles. And later will be ready other mushrooms. So, it is a mushroom time!!! You can find from my blog lot of recipes with mushroom
For example Chicken with Chanterelles
kana seentega1 (1)

And berries for dessert. Wild strawberries, then blueberries/bilberries, cloudberries, raspberries, black and red currants,  gooseberries, cowberries/lingonberry, cherries…
Mix with whipped cream or sour cream or bake a cake.
For example this creamy Wild Blueberry cake.
mustika kreemikook (6)

And what to drink? Fresh, cold and amazing Kali.
kali (18)


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Estonian Summer Dishes. Eat Summer Dishes Like Estonian.

  1. Ruta – you are making me smile ! The brawn, first of all ! One could not have an Estonian heritage without it being on the table at every important occasion ! And cottage cheese, potato and herring ! And cold soups I have always found delightful ! . . . And ‘kama’ I cannot buy but ‘hapukurgis’ I can . . . thanks for a journey I shall file . . .

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