Layered Dessert with Rye Bread. Taani talutüdruk

talutydruk1 (1)

This is a very very simple dessert, but amazingly delicious.

In Estonia we call this dessert ” Taani talutüdruk”.
In direct translation ” Taani talutüdruk” means ” Danish farm girl”. Æblekage med ristet rasp/Gammeldags æblekage.

This dessert is very popular in Estonia because of the taste and simplicity.

Danes serve this with apple jam. Taani talutüdruk in Estonian style is with cowberry or cranberry or black currant jam.
For more better result we add some Kama  in to the curd cream to get more flavour.
On my photo I used cowberry- apple jam and Estonian rye bread.
How to do Estonian Rye bread
How to do cowberry- apple jam

For one glass you need
talutydruk1 (3)
1 big tablespoon jam
1 small tablespoon roasted and grated rye bread
ca 50 g quark cream

For quark cream mix togethertalutydruk1 (7)
200 g quark
50-100 g  fresh cream 35% or sour cream
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon Kama
and vanilla










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23 thoughts on “Layered Dessert with Rye Bread. Taani talutüdruk

  1. This looks pretty and sounds delicious – roasted and grated rye bread? That sounds exciting on its own! I’m also wanting to make kama too as that sounds great (but not in such a large quantity as your recipe)! Thank you so much for sharing and linking to Fiesta Friday this week – enjoy the Fiesta! 🙂


  2. This Danish farm girl has never had “Taani talutüdruk” the years that I lived in Estonia. 🙂 It is very different from the Danish version, but it looks delicious … I’ll pass on the kama though. 😉

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