Carrot Pies by Maie

Carrot Pies by Maie. Small and delicious pastry.

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Carrot Pies

This amount for 2 full plate small Carrot Pies.


25 g yeast
1 glass room-temp water and
3 tsp sugar
to stay in one bowl.


In the other bowl chop:
200 g cold butter

Carrot Pies

3 glass sifted flour
1 tsp salt
an 1 cm x 1 cm  cubes,
add gradually 1 whipped egg.



Add gradually yeast-mix and chop, chop, chop….
ready pastry  put in plastic bag for   1 till  24 hours in to  fridge.
sellest kogusest saab 2 plaaditäit väikesi pirukaid.
Filling :
 500 g boiled carrots
100 g boiled rice
1 boiled egg
50 g melted butter
chop, and add
1 raw egg
Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.


form small pies. Spot with beaten egg. Bake 225 C  ca 12 minutes, while pies are ready.

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